We are a small group of individuals who want to make a difference. Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of abandoned and abused small animals by providing shelter, medical care, socializaiton and adoption.

Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of abandoned and abused small animals by providing shelter, medical care, socializaiton and adoption.

Company Overview

Vision Statements: To educate the public by having information available through class instruction and/or written materials in regards to humane treatment of animals. To promote well being for pets by implementing a cost effective spay and neuter clinics as well as for inoculations.
Organizational Purpose: To assist with local, county and state animal rights agencies while focusing on promoting a no-kill shelter. To help with the pet overpopulation by offering spay and neuter clinics. Offering shelter to other types of pets such as rabbits, ferrets, etc. that normally would be abandoned.

Founder's Message
WOW! A lot has happened in over a year! We at KATís took in 10 kitties and one dog in 2012. We reunited one kitty with his mom, rescued a dog that was (we do believe) to have been injured by a car, took care of two sets of triplet kittens, (one set was rescued out of an attic of a house while it was over 100 degrees. Their eyes werenít opened yet and we had to bottle feed them), fostered an amputee kitty and rescued an adult kitty from a parking lot. All of these animals were fully vetted. (ie Ė all shots, dewormed, surgically altered & received lots of love and attention.) Out of the kitties, we have adopted five (not including the reunion mentioned above.)
2012 was also very busy in fundraisers for KATís. We had a crop/craft day in Lexington at the Comforts Suites, golf tournament June 30th at Crystal lakes in Sumter; mobile vaccination clinic in August with Guignard Animal Clinic in Sumter, bowling tournament October 21st at Gamecock lanes in Sumter, finally an arts & crafts show November 3rd & 4th where we sold pet treats (and human treats), KATís T-shirts, showcased our animals up for adoption and to let the community know what KATís is all about. We had raised over $2,000 to go towards our building fund plus raised enough monies to take care of the medical necessities of all the animals.
This year (2014) will be just as busy with fundraisers as the last few years. May 2nd & 3rd will be a crop/craft day at Comfort Suites in Lexington. Golf Tournament on October 20th. And many other fundraisers that have yet to be announced. Check the calendar as we post them. I would like to thank all of our sponsors for all of these events and to our donorsÖ especially Ms. Mathis. I would like to extend a special thank you to Laura & Dan Beyer, Sumter T.N.R & Kitten rescue, Angelís Hope, & other small recuses that KATís works hand in hand with. I would also like to thank my board members as well for jobs well done. Ė Kathy Stafford

Story of Garfield

During the summer of 1991, there was a small kitten in the middle of McCrays Mill Road. My son Buddy and daughter Gail couched him away from the road with some chicken and into the hearts of all that he met. After a little convincing he became part of the family. As a kitten he loved to sit in his big bowl of food and eat and sleep. His name became Garfield because of his love for pasta. When ever Spaghetti was made he had to have some so he got his own plate.

We moved to a new home in 1996 and so he had a new play ground to roam. In 1999 Garfield came home after a fight with an opossum and became a Special Needs animal because he lost his eye. He also turned up to be FIV+. That didn't stop him for being himself. At the vet he was known as the legend. After being poisoned, lost of his eye and becoming FIV+ he kept enjoying his feline life.

On July 11, 2006 at 6:00 AM Garfield crossed "Rainbow Bridge" surround by his "kids" - Odie, Oliver, Fang, Nikki, & Cosmo.